Green Gram Ladoo using Jaggery | Pasipairu Laddu | Moong Ladoo Healthy Recipe | Ladoo Recipe  with Video Recipe. Navrathri is an auspicious and popular festival celebrated across India to worship Goddess Durga. People used to make sweets to offer as prasadam to goddess Durga. Today I am posting here the recipe of a sweet that you can make easily with green gram/pasipairu. This is a healthy ladoo recipe as we are using jaggery instead of sugar in this ladoo recipe. In this recipe, we need to make jaggery syrup by dissolving jaggery in water. but you don't have to check the consistency. Once jaggery dissolved completely, heat it for 1 minute.You can use this jaggery syrup for making ladoos. It's preparation is very simple, First you need to roast the green gram and then you need to powder it, then you need to mix the jaggery syrup in the green gram powder and roll into balls. Hope now you understood that how easy is to prepare these ladoos?, Just try this ladoo recipe, if you have green gram with you. Let us come to the recipe

Drumstick Leaves Egg Stir Fry Recipe | Muringa Leaves Egg Stir Fry | Muringayila Mutta Thoran with Video Recipe. Today I am sharing here with you the recipe of a healthy stir fry. ie.Drumstick Leaves Egg Stir Fry/ Muringayila Mutta Thoran. Muringa is the botanical name of drumstick. Drumstick Tree is commonly called as Muringa Tree in India. Leaves of the drumstick tree are edible and has many nutritional and medicinal values. Consumption of drumstick leaves will reduce the high blood pressure and diabetics. It is good for breastfeeding mothers as it increases milk production. It is a good source of calcium, vitamins and protein, so including drumstick leaves in your diet is good for your health. You can prepare many dishes with drumstick leaves, here I am sharing with you the recipe of a healthy and delicious stir fry that you can prepare with drumstick leaves. Here I have added egg in this drumstick stir fry as it will reduce bitter taste of the drumstick leaves. It is very easy to prepare as well as tastes delicious. It goes well as a side dish with rice. Try this recipe and let me know your feedback.

Egg Malai Curry Recipe | Egg Malai Masala | Egg Curry with Video Recipe. Egg malai curry is a delicious creamy egg curry recipe. Egg Malai Curry is a Bengali Style Egg Curry, in which hard boiled eggs are cooked in a milk based sauce. It is a low spice egg curry. Unlike Other Indian Egg Curry Recipes, We are not using the Indian spicy curry powders like redchilli powder, coriander powder and turmeric powder in this recipe. This curry is getting spicy flavour from the green chillies, pepper powder and garam masala powder that we are adding in this curry. The main difference of this curry from other Indian egg curries is that we are adding milk in this curry for getting creamy texture. This curry goes well with roti/chapati or naan. You can try this recipe, If you want to add some variety in the normal egg curry that you used to prepare. Let me know your feedback. 


Rice Pakora Recipe | LeftOver Rice Pakora | Easy Snacks Recipe with Video Recipe. Rice pakoras are fried fritters or pakoras made with leftover cooked rice. It is one of the popular street food snacks. These pakoras are crispy on the outside and are soft on the inside. These rice pakoras are different from the other rice pakoras. Unlike other rice pakora recipes we are adding rice flour instead of besan flour along with leftover cooked rice in this recipe. You should use leftover cooked rice in this recipe as the leftover cooked rice are dry, moisture less and are more sticky, Freshly cooked rice has more moisture and are less sticky, so you may find it difficult to mash it. If you are looking for a quick and easy evening snack that can be prepared in minutes, then this rice pakora recipe will be a best option for you, if you have leftover rice with you. Try this recipe and let me know your feedback.


Chocolate Sandwich Recipe | Kids Special Recipe with Video Recipe. Chocolate sandwich is one of the quickest sandwich recipes made with bread slices and chocolate filling in between bread slices. It is one of the popular dessert sandwiches on the cafe menus. Unlike other sandwiches this sandwich normally served as a dessert and not served for breakfast or as a snack. It is one of the dessert recipe that you can make easily as it requires only white bread slices and chocolate pieces. Here in this recipe I have used dark chocolate pieces as chocolate filling, you can use chocolate sauce or chocolate chips as chocolate filling. Here I have added almond slices and banana slices along with chocolate pieces, you can use any nuts and fruits of your choice. I am sure that the chocolate lovers, especially kids will love this sandwich. You can pack this sandwich as a snack in kids lunch box. Try this recipe and let me know your feedback.

How to make Egg Puffs with Homemade Puff Pastry Sheets | Easy Puff Pastry Sheet Recipe with Video Recipe. Puffs are one of the most popular snacks in the bakeries in kerala. Here I am sharing the recipe of egg puffs. It's preparation is very simple. Wrap the hard boiled eggs and onion masala in a puff pastry sheets and then bake it. Here I baked puffs without oven, so this recipe is for the people, who wants to make puffs at home, but don't have oven for baking puffs. Normally we will buy puff pastry sheets from shops for making puffs, but here I have explained how to make puff pastry sheets easily at home, so that you can make puffs at home even if you don't have puff pastry sheets at your home. For making puff pastry sheets at home, you need just 4 ingredients, that are all purpose flour/maida, salt, oil and water. Just try this recipe then you can understand how easy is to make egg puffs at home without buying puff pastry sheets from shops and without oven. Once you tried this recipe I am sure that you will stop buying puffs from bakeries. Let us come to the recipe

Hariyali Chicken Recipe | Green Masala Chicken Gravy | Hara Masala Chicken with Video Recipe. Hariyali Chicken is a delicious Indian Chicken Gravy made with green paste. Green Paste is made with green chillies, coriander leaves, mint leaves, spices, herbs, nuts and curd. This gravy is very easy to prepare. First we need to marinate the chicken pieces then we will fry the marinated chicken pieces. Next we need to prepare the green paste, then the fried chicken pieces are cooked in the gravy made with green paste. This green masala chicken gravy tastes delicious. You can serve this curry with chapathis, rotis, plain paratha, kerala parotta and dosas, We had this curry with kerala parotta. Taste of this curry was amazing, so I thought to share the recipe with you all. My husband love to eat chicken dishes always, but I got fed up with the taste of the chicken curry we used to make, so he suggested me to make some difference in the taste of the curry that I used to make and find out this recipe for me to try, The result was amazing. Taste of this curry is totally different from the taste of the curries that we used to make, so I loved the taste of  this curry. If you too got fed up with the taste of the chicken curry that you used to make, then this curry will be the best choice for you. Try this recipe and let me know how it turned out for you.



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