Crispy Corn Recipe | Barbeque Nation Style Crispy Corn Recipe | Easy Snack Recipe with Video Recipe. It is a popular snack in the Barbeque Nation Restaurant. Now you can see it in the menu list of all restaurants, street foods and fast food vendors as a starter. It is very easy to prepare as well as a lip smacking in taste. It's preparation is very simple. First we need to cook the corn kernels for 2 minutes in a boiling water. Coat the cooked corn kernels with a mixture of corn flour, rice flour, all purpose flour/maida, pepper powder and salt. You need to make sure that the corn kernels are well coated with this mixture. Then we need to deep fry these corn kernels. Finally we will flavor it with spice powders. Hope now you understood that how easy is to prepare these crispy corn. Just try this recipe and let me know your feedback.

Bengali Pumpkin Fish Curry Recipe | Easy & Variety Fish Curry Recipe with Video Recipe. In India, Bengali cuisines are most popular for it's variety of fish recipes. In our house we used to prepare fish curries in kerala style, but this time when we bought fish at our house, I thought to try some variety curry recipe with fish. So I requested my husband to find out some variety fish curry recipes, as he is an expert in finding variety dishes for me to try, As Bengali cuisines are famous for it's variety of fish curry recipes, his search also ended up in a variety fish curry recipe in bengali style. That is Bengali pumpkin fish curry recipe. When I checked this recipe of Bengali pumpkin fish curry, I found it is very easy to prepare, so I thought to try this recipe and share the recipe with you, if it came out well. This curry is not only easy to prepare but also delicious. It's preparation is very simple. In most of the Bengali fish recipes, first they will marinate the fish pieces with turmeric powder and salt and then they will fry it. In this recipe also, first I marinated fish pieces with turmeric powder and salt, then I shallow fried the fish pieces. Here I made a spicy gravy with potatoes and pumpkin and then I cooked the fried fish pieces in that gravy. The taste of the pumpkin and potatoes combined with the taste of the fish will make this curry delicious. Unlike other Indian fish curry recipe here we are not adding tamarind, tomato or any other sour agent for getting sour taste. But without sour taste this curry is delicious. During this corona virus time for boosting our immunity we need to include proteins and vitamins in our diet. Fish is one of the most beneficial protein sources for your diet and pumpkin is a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Hence this recipe of fish along with pumpkin will make it a healthy dish. Try this recipe if you are planning to try some variety fish curry recipe. Let me know your feedback.

Avocado Smoothie Recipe | Avocado Banana Smoothie | Weight Loss Smoothies with Video Recipe. It is a delicious and healthy smoothie recipe made with avocado and banana with almonds topping. Avocado tree is native to south central mexico but the savory fruit is now available all over the world because of its wonderful nutritional properties. Avocado is also known as butter fruit. It has a creamy texture and rich flavor. Avocado is a good source of vitamin c, vitamin k, folate and a great source of healthy fats known as monounsaturated fats. The plant based fats are known to be good for your heart and it will help you to lose weight by helping you feel full. So if you are now in your weight loss journey, then you can definitely try this smoothie recipe of avocado. It has no added sugar in it, so it's a healthy smoothie recipe. For getting sweet taste for this smoothie I have added two natural sweetners banana and honey in this recipe, so no need to add sugar. It will make it as a complete healthy smoothie. Try this recipe and let me know your feedback.

Chocolate Chicken Mole Recipe | Mexican Chocolate Chicken Mole In Indian Style | Variety Recipe With Chicken & Chocolate with Video Recipe. My last Post on this blog was a chocolate recipe that is a brownie recipe. Here comes another recipe with chocolate that is chocolate chicken mole. I am sure that it will be a variety recipe for most of you as it is a combination of chocolate and chicken. Do you ever think about a curry recipe with chocolate and chicken?. Answer will be No, isn't it?, Yes we can make a curry with chicken and chocolate, that is chocolate chicken mole. It is a Mexican recipe. I tried to make it into an Indian style, If you are looking for a variety chicken curry recipe and a variety recipe with chocolate then you can definitely try this recipe. This curry will taste delicious. In this recipe we will cook the panfried chicken in the chocolate mole sauce. Chocolate mole sauce is a blend of redchilli paste, spices, nuts, onion, tomato and melted dark chocolate. This curry has a spicy, sweet and sour taste. Just try this recipe if you are looking for a variety chicken curry recipe. Let us come to the recipe

Eggless Atta Brownie Recipe | Healthy Brownie Recipe | Brownie Recipe Without Oven with Video Recipe. Today's recipe is for chocolate lovers, that is a brownie recipe. Brownie is a rectangular or square shaped chocolate baked treat. It's appearance is similar to that of a cake, but it has a hard density with fudgy consistency. It can be served as a dessert. This recipe of brownie is a healthier one, as I am using atta/ wheat flour instead of all purpose flour/maida and jaggery powder instead of sugar. If you are a chocolate lover and looking for making something with chocolate then this will be a best option for you, This brownie is loaded with lots of chocolate flavor as we are adding melted dark chocolate and cocoa powder in this recipe. Once you tried this recipe, you can understand how easy is to make brownie at home. I am sure that brownie will be the favorite of most of your kids as most of the kids are chocolate lovers. This a healthy brownie recipe, so without thinking more about your kid's health you can make this brownie. I am sure that your kids will love this brownie. I made this brownie in a kadai, so no need to worry if you don't have oven for making brownie. so I think it's a perfect brownie recipe for those who don't have oven with you for making brownie. You will get a moist and soft brownie with this recipe. Try this recipe and let me know your feedback. Let us come to the recipe.
Pizza without Oven | Tawa Pizza | No Yeast & No Cheese Veg Pizza Made with Homemade Pizza Sauce with Video Recipe. Pizza is flat bread made with all-purpose flour/maida and topped with pizza sauce, cheese and some vegetarian as well as non vegetarian pizza toppings and baked it in oven. Traditionally it is an Italian cuisine recipe, but it's popular in all over the world. This recipe of pizza is for those who don't have oven in there house for making pizza. Here I made pizza on a tawa, it's taste was just like the taste of the pizza that we bake in oven. Once you learned to make pizza in home you will stop buying it from outside. Just check my recipe, then you can understand that how easy is to make pizza at home. This recipe has some variation to the normal pizza recipe, Normally pizza is dough is fermented with yeast, but here I am using baking powder and baking soda instead of yeast, so it will be perfect for the people who don't want to include yeast in their diet. One more variation is there, that is instead of cheese here I am using white sauce as I don't like cheese, I think some people will be there who don't like the taste of cheese like me. In this recipe I am showing you how to make pizza sauce at home. So, today we will learn how to make pizza at home. Just try my recipe and let me know how it tuned out for you.

Jackfruit Halwa Recipe | Easy and Healthy Jackfruit Halwa Recipe with Video Recipe. Now it's the season of jackfruit, here comes a recipe that you can try with ripe jackfruit, which is delicious and easy to prepare halwa recipe. This halwa's preparation is similar to that of the "chakkvaratti" which is very popular in kerala, Chakka varatti is nothing but jackfruit Preserve. It's preparation is very simple. First we need to make a puree of ripe jackfruit, then we will cook the jackfruit puree in jaggery syrup until it gets thickens. then we will add ghee into this mixture and cook until this mixture starts to leave from side of the pan and ghee starts to release from the mixture. We can store this mixture as it is in an air-tight container for long time. In kerala ripe jackfruit is preserved for long time in chakka varatti /jackfruit preserve form. U can use chakka varatti for making chakka payasam, chakka ada and chakka uniappam.  For getting halwa consistency, in this recipe of jackfruit halwa I have made a slight variation to the traditional chakka varatti/jackfruit preserve recipe. Apart from the normal ingredients of traditional chakka varatti/jackfruit preserve recipe, here I have added one more ingredient, that is cornflour. I made a cornflour mixture by adding water into it . Added that to the jackfruit jaggery mixture. It will reduce the cooking time as you will get the thick consistency of the mixture in very less time. I have made this halwa in a nonstick kadai, it will help the mixture not to stick in the kadai. Otherwise it will be difficult for you to cook the halwa, if it's sticking in kadai. So try to use a nonstick kadai/pan for cooking this halwa as it will reduce the cooking time. It is a healthy halwa recipe as we are using jaggery instead of sugar for making this halwa. Unlike other halwa this halwa has longer shelf life, if we store it in an air-tight container. If properly stored in an airtight container you can use it for almost a year. Try this recipe if you have jackfruit in your house and let me know your feedback



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