No Bread Sandwich Recipe | Sandwich Recipe Without Bread | Breadless Sandwich with Video Recipe. Sandwich is an easy breakfast as well as snack recipe for all as we can prepare it very easily without much effort if you have bread with you, but here I am showing you how we can prepare sandwich easily even if you don't have bread with you. Yes, you can prepare sandwich without bread. Here I am using a sooji batter for making this sandwich. It is very easy to make sooji batter. You just need sooji and curd for making sooji batter. Here I am using potato masala as filling. You can use any vegetable filling. Just check my recipe to know more about how you can make a sandwich with sooji batter and potato masala filling. Let us come to the recipe. Try this recipe and let me know, how it turned out for you.


Egg Masala Sandwich Recipe | Easy Egg Sandwich Recipe Video Recipe. Today I am posting here the recipe of an easy egg sandwich that you can prepare within few minutes. In this sandwich recipe, crispy bread pieces are stuffed with boiled egg masala. For making this egg sandwich, first you need to boil eggs and then you need to chop them. After that, you need to make egg masala stuffing. Just check my recipe for preparing egg masala stuffing. After stuffing the boiled egg masala in between two bread slices, I toasted the bread slices in butter until both sides turns golden brown and crisp. Then cut diagonally into half and serve. Hope now you understood that how easy is to make this egg masala sandwich. You can serve this egg masala sandwich as breakfast as well as snack. Try this easy sandwich recipe and let me know your feedback.

Quail eggs come from a wild bird named quail. Quail Eggs looks like normal chicken eggs but they are smaller in size. These eggs are considered as a delicacy in kerala. There is a popular saying "Aayiram kozhikku ara kaada" or half quail is equivalent to thousand chickens, it just means that quail or quail eggs are more nutritious than chicken and chicken eggs. Quail eggs are good source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. The health benefits of quail eggs include their ability to improve vision, improves metabolism and they are immunity boosters so it is good to include quail eggs in your diet. I am posting here the recipe of quail eggs that are easy to prepare. Here in this recipe I have roasted the hard boiled quail eggs with onion, tomato and spice powders. It tastes delicious. You can serve this as a side dish with rice, chapathi and appam. Just try this recipe and let me know your feedback.

Red Cow Peas Kheer Recipe | Easy Vanpayar Payasam | Kheer Recipe with Video Recipe. Red cow peas is rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Today I am sharing here the recipe of kheer/payasam that you can make with red cow peas. This kheer / payasam is a mix of red cow peas, jaggery and coconut milk and rice flour. It is a traditional preparation of payasam/kheer in malabar side of kerala. This recipe of red cow peas kheer/payasam is very easy to prepare as well as tastes delicious. Try this recipe if you have red cow peas / vanpayar is there with you. Let us come to the recipe.
Tadka Maggi Omelette Recipe | Maggi Egg Omelette | Noodles Omelette with Video Recipe. I think mostly all Indians are maggi lovers and it is very hard to find an Indian who doesn't love maggi. Today I am sharing here with you the recipe of maggi which you can prepare in few minutes. This recipe of maggi is unique and delicious. Here maggi is cooked in a tempering of mustard seeds, onions and tomatoes, hence the name is tadka maggi. Here in this recipe egg omelette is stuffed with the tadka maggi. so this recipe is for both maggi lovers and egg lovers. Just try this unique recipe of maggi and let me know your feedback. Let us come to the recipe
Mysore Masala Dosa Recipe | Masala Dosa Recipe with Video Recipe. Masala Dosa is one of the most popular South Indian breakfast dishes. Masala Dosas are thin and crispy pancakes prepared with fermented dosa batter and topped with potato masala. Today I am posting here the recipe of mysore masala dosa. Mysore masala dosa is topped with red chutney and potato masala. Appearance and texture of this dosa is very similar to the normal masala dosa, but the main difference of mysore masala dosa from normal masala dosa is the red chutney topped  on the mysore masala dosa. Here in this recipe I have shown how to make mysore red chutney. Please check the video attached at the end of this post for making mysore red chutney that we are topping on mysore masala dosa. It is very easy to prepare with very less ingredients. Just try this recipe if you have fermented dosa batter and let me know your feedback. I am sure that you will love the taste of this mysore masala dosa. Let us come to the recipe.


Broken Wheat Laddu Recipe | Nurukku Gothambu Laddu with Jaggery | Healthy Laddu Recipe with Video Recipe. Today I would like to share with you the recipe of a healthy ladoo made with broken wheat. Did u ever think of making a laddu with broken wheat?, I think the answer will be No for most of the people. It was like that for me also. This time I just thought to try some variety recipe with broken wheat, my search for a variety recipe with broken wheat, ended up in this laddu recipe. My daughter is a sweet lover, so I thought to make a healthy laddu with the broken wheat. It is a healthy laddu recipe as I am using jaggery instead of sugar. My daughter  loved this ladoo. I am sure that your kids will also love this laddu. If you too looking for a healthy laddu recipe, then you can also try this broken wheat laddu recipe. It is delicious as well as easy to make. Try this recipe if you have broken wheat with you. Let me know your feedback



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