Dalgona Milk Tea Recipe | Variety Tea Recipe | Variation to the Dalgona Coffee Recipe with Video Recipe. Dalgona Coffee recipe is a popular and viral recipe now in net. Dalgona coffee recipe is originated from South Korea. The main difference of Dalgona coffee from the normal coffee is it's creamy toppings. I am not yet tried that recipe of Dalgona coffee as I am not a coffee lover. I think many people are there, who are non coffee lovers like me. Don't worry, here is a variation to the Dalgona coffee recipe, for tea lovers, that is Dalgona milk tea. It's preparation is totally different from that of the Dalgona coffee recipe. Here I whisked two egg whites for getting the creamy texture. Added the tea powder and sugar in water and boiled it until the syrup thickens. Pour this hot syrup over the whisked egg mixture. This hot syrup will make the egg whites safe to eat. You won't get the taste of egg in this tea recipe. The texture of the Dalgona milk tea will be same as that of the Dalgona coffee and it will tastes delicious also. So, try this variety tea recipe, when your making tea next time. I am sure that you will like the taste of this tea. Let us come to the recipe and let me know your feedback.

Preparation Time:15 minute
Cooking Time:10 minute
Servings:2 cups


Egg whites-2 eggs
Water-1 cup
Tea Powder-4 tsp
Sugar-1/2 cup ( Here I am using brown sugar)

Method Of Preparation
  • Take egg whites from 2 eggs
  • Whisk it until it turns fluffy
  • Take water in a pan. Add tea powder in it. Let it boil. Strain it for removing tea powder
  • Once it's strained add sugar in it. Here I am using brown sugar, but you can use normal sugar also. 
  • Let it boil and heat it until the syrup thickens
  • Once the syrup thickened, add this hot syrup to the egg whites mixture. Hot syrup will make the egg whites safe to eat.
  • Mix it well. Now the creamy toppings are ready
  • Take milk in cup. Add the prepared creamy topping over it. 
  • Dalgona milk tea is now ready to serve

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