Welcome to my blog easycooktips. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am Roshna from God's own country(Kerala) who loves cooking. Only after my marriage when i came to US with my husband for his on-site project,i started to learn more about cooking. I love to do experiments in cooking so i started to try variety of dishes in my kitchen. I thought to share my cooking experiments with others through this blog. The main aim of this blog is inspiring others to cook. I make every effort to make recipes as easy as to follow. In this blog i would like to share some kitchen tips,health tips and beauty tips also. I am giving more importance for healthy cooking.if you are looking for healthy recipes you can refer my healthy recipes page where i shared my healthy cooking ideas..Most of the recipes and tips found in this blog are learnt from my family,some friends,books,neighbors and TV shows. Each recipe in this site has been tried and tested many times..

If you tried my recipes,leave a comment on how it turned out ..Your comments make me happy and are valuable to me
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